Generation at Maximum Demand total of Previous Day 530 MW | Viva Exam Notice (DM-HRM & DM-FINANCE) | Written Exam (Apprentice-Technical) Postponed
Management Team
Engr. AMM Sazzadur Rahman
Executive Director (Engineering),
Managing Director (Addl. Charge)
Engr. Md. Zainal Abedin Khan
Executive Director (Planning & Project)
Engr. Md. Sharafat Ali, ACMA
Executive Director (Finance)
Members of the Management Team: (From 2002)
Managing Director From To
Engr. Md. Shahidur Rahman Khan 24.11.2002 30.06.2007
Engr. Md. Ataur Rahman 01.07.2007 08.04.2008
Engr. Abdul Khaleque 08.04.2008 (Afternoon) 31.03.2011
Engr. Md. Nurul Alam P.Eng. 31.03.2011 (Afternoon) 03.05.2015
Engr. AMM Sazzadur Rahman (Addl. Charge) 04.05.2015 (Beforenoon) Till Now
Executive Director (Engineering) From To
Engr. Md. Ataur Rahman 24.11.2002 08.04.2008
Engr. Md. Nurul Alam 08.4.2008 (Afternoon) 09.08.2011
Engr. AMM Sazzadur Rahman 10.08.2011 Till now
Executive Director (Planning & Project) From To
Engr. Md. Zainal Abedin Khan 26.01.2014 (Beforenoon) Till now
Executive Director (Finance) From To
Md. Abu Yusuf, FCMA 24.11.2002 24.04.2005
Engr. Md. Ataur Rahman (Add. Charge) 25.04.2005 01.08.2005
Md. Shoharab Ali Khan, FCMA 01.08.2005 (Afternoon) 07.07.2011
Mr. Mohammed Shahid Ullah, FCMA
(Addl. Charge)
08.07.2011 28.09.2011
Mr. Md. Mahfuzul Haque, FCMA 29.09.2011 13.08.2014
Engr. AMM Sazzadur Rahman(Addl. Charge) 14.08.2014 25.01.2015
Engr. Md. Sharafat Ali, ACMA 26.01.2015 (Before Noon) Till Now
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APSCL Power Generation Master Plan 2012
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Viva Exam Notice (DM-HRM & DM-FINANCE)

Written Exam (Apprentice-Technical) Postponed

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