Generation at Maximum Demand total of Previous Day 1053 MW "

"শেখ হাসিনার উদ্যোগ, ঘরে ঘরে বিদ্যুৎ"

Future Development Plan

Electricity is the driving force of economy and civilization. All development activities are directly or indirectly dependent on it. The trend of generation capacity of the country is running behind to meet the prevailing load demand of the country and causes hindrance to the development activities in industrial, commercial, agricultural and social sectors.

Keeping this view in mind we are continuously working to narrow the increasing gap between demand & supply of electricity by optimized utilization of the natural gas resources and replacing low efficient, outlive machines. Besides we are focusing to establish power plant based on alternative fuel like coal and renewable energy like solar, Wind etc. We are considering any places suitable for power plant construction within Bangladesh.

APSCL will undertake the following projects in near future:

  • Ashuganj 400 MW Dual Fuel Based CCPP (Phase-1).
  • Ashuganj 400 MW Dual Fuel Based CCPP (Phase-2).
  • Ashuganj 1320 MW Ultra Super Critical Coal based Power Plant Project at Patuakhali (Phase-2).


Foreign Tour/Training

Information Memorandum_ Ashuganj Power Station Company Limited's non convertible, fully reedemable coupon bearing bond


Land Acquisition, Land Development and Protection for Patuakhali 1320 MW Super Thermal Power Plant project.

100 MW Grid Tied Solar Park Project

Ashuganj 400MW CCPP (East) Project


Training Program

Easy Utility Service

Dual Fuel Based CCPP

North-Bengal Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant

Achievement of Present Government in Power Sector.

APSCL Power Generation Master Plan


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