Generation at Maximum Demand total of Previous Day 519 MW
Corporate Social Responsibilities
Besides its normal activity of Operation and Maintenance of existing power plants and installation of new ones, the Company operates a High School, a Training Centre, a Medical Center and a Mosque, one Officers’ Club, one Employees Club, a Maktab and a Temple. All these are financially supported by the Company.
The High School operated by the company. The school is affiliated by the Comilla Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board. Students from Baby Group to Class X study in this school. The School is run by a group of experience young/energetic Teaching Staff. The results and the number of students are given below:
Result of students in different public examination
Year SSC (A+) Junior Scholarship Primary Scholarship
2008 10 6 10
2009 14 7 15
2010 31 8 12
2011 17 7 7
2012 30 17 15
2013 30 19 8
2014 39 - -
Statistics of Students
Year Student of APSCL employees Student of Outside residents Total
2008 661 293 954
2009 698 303 1001
2010 618 448 1066
2011 617 459 1076
2012 564 472 1036
2013 524 528 1052
During the last four years all the students appeared in the SSC examination have passed.
Medical Centre
The Medical Centre is run by the company. There are one Senior Medical Officer (MBBS) & Two Medical Officers (MBBS)-one male & one female, Four Nurses (Diploma) and one female Attendant. They provide medical services to the employees and their family members at the Medical Center. There is an Ambulance with fully equipped modern facilities in the medical center.
Irrigation Project from Discharged Water:
APSCL is contributing to Agro Irrigation Project by discharge water from plant.
APSCL Power Generation Master Plan
APSCL Power Generation Master Plan 2012
Training Program
Training Schedule 2014-15
Event & Gallery