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The Company
Ashuganj Power Station is the second largest power station in Bangladesh. The present total power (electricity) generation capacity of its 7 units is 671 MW. As a part of the Power Sector Development and Reform Program of the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd. (APSCL) has been incorporated under the Companies Act 1994 on 28 June 2000. The Registration No. of APSCL is 40630 (2328) / 2000. Ashuganj Power Station (APS) Complex (with its Assets and Liabilities) had been transferred to the APSCL through a Provisional Vendor’s Agreement signed between BPDB and APSCL on 22 May 2003. All the activities of the company started formally on 01 June 2003. From that day the overall activities of the Company along with operation, maintenance and development of the Power Station are vested upon a Management Team consisting of the Managing Director, the Director (Technical) & the Director (Finance).

According to the Articles of Association of the Company, 51% of total shares is held by BPDB and the rest 49% is distributed among Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning, Power Division, MOPEMR & Energy Division, MOPEMR of GOB.

Electricity generated in this power station is supplied to the national grid and it is distributed to the consumers throughout the whole country through the national grid. This power station plays a significant role in the national economic development by generating more than 10% of total demand for electricity in the country. In this power station, Natural Gas from Titas Gas Transmission & Distribution Company Ltd. is used as fuel. Water from the Meghna is used through in-take channels for steam generation and cooling of generated steam and used water (for cooling) is again thrown into the Meghna through discharge channels. Huge water from the discharge channels are used for irrigation in the dry season. It is known that about 36,000 acres of land of Ashuganj are irrigated by this water.
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Career Opportunity as Executive Director (Planning & Project) at APSCL

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