Generation at Maximum Demand total of Previous Day MW | Written Exam Result (Assistant Secretary) has been published
To become the leader in power generation in Bangladesh in line with the governments target to provide electricity to all.
To increase the power generation capacity of the company to 1500 MW by 2015.
To undertake new power generation projects;
To execute the overhauling and rehabilitation of the existing power generation plants;
To undertake necessary measures to increase the overall thermal efficiency of the generating units in order to improve energy efficiency.
To develop human resource as per requirement and
To undertake Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities.
APSCL Power Generation Master Plan
APSCL Power Generation Master Plan 2012
Ashuganj 450MW CCPP (North) Project
Result of Ashuganj 450 MW CCPP (North) Project
Soil Investigation Report of North Project Site.
Draft Grid Code of Bangladesh
Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant
Amendment-1 of Notice
Amendment-2 of Notice
Amended Detailed Terms of Reference as well as EOI Document for Feasibility Study, IEE, EIA & SIA of 2x660MW Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant.
Training Program
Training Schedule 2013-14
Job Application Form

Written Exam Result (Assistant Secretary) has been published

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