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  1. Honourable State Minister (Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources) visits at APSCL

  2. Architect Yafes Osman, Honorable State Minister (Ministry of Science and Technology) Visits APSCL on 27 March 2015

  3. 14th AGM

  4. 225MW CCPP Project Site

  5. 225MW CCPP Project Site

  6. 225MW CCPP Project Site

  7. 225MW CCPP Project Site

  8. Achievement: Financing Facility Availed for 225MW CCPP

  9. 450MW CCPP (South) Project Site

  10. 450MW CCPP (South) Project Site

  11. 450MW CCPP (Souht) Project Site

  12. 450MW CCPP (Souht) Project Site

  13. Financing Facility Availed for 450MW CCPP (South)

  14. 450MW CCPP (North) Project Site

  15. 450MW CCPP (North) Project Site

  16. 450MW CCPP (North) Project Site

  17. 200MW Modular Porwer Plant Project Site

  18. 200MW Modular Power Plant Project Site

  19. OMAC (Otherways Management Association Club) Decided to Grant "The 2015 Green Era Award" to APSCL

  20. Achievement: Best Power Unit

  21. To Mark 100000 Hours Commercial Operation of the GEC CCPP

  22. Achievement: Trade Finance Award_Deals of the Year 2012

  23. Third Position in "ICMAB Best Corporate Award-2014"

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Ashuganj Power Station is the second largest power station in Bangladesh. The present total power (electricity) generation capacity of its 7 units is 671 MW. As a part of the Power Sector Development and Reform Program of the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd. (APSCL) has been incorporated under the Companies Act 1994 on 28 June 2000. The Registration No. of APSCL is 40630 (2328) / 2000.
APSCL Power Generation Master Plan
APSCL Power Generation Master Plan 2012
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